This NEW BOOK Reveals The Secrets To Getting APPROVED For Any Credit Card Regardless Of Your Credit History

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Mastering the Credit Game

...and WINNING!

Know the minimum credit score needed to get approved.

Choose from over 400 credit cards from 200 plus lending institutions and 250+ retail/brand stores.

How to find PreQualified Offers and much more.

Unlock the SECRETS to getting a credit card without using your SS#

How to get 3 - 5 credit cards with only 1 inquiry pull.

Finding the best credit card is part art; part science. But not if you have The secret list!

One of the most important things to know when you apply for multiple credit cards at once is which credit bureau each bank uses to pull your credit report. The credit reporting agency used by a card issuer to see your credit report can determine whether your application is approved or denied, especially when you apply for several cards in a short amount of time. If several card issuers pull the same credit report over and over again, it could affect your chances of being approved.

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It took 6 years to collect the information in this book. So what's in the The Secret List? This book will help you find out which credit bureaus that credit card companies are pulling from. This 65-page book will save your time, money, and credit inquiries by knowing these secrets. Learn how to get multiple credit cards all with 1 inquiry.

Over 400 credit cards from over 200 lending institutions to chose from

Learn which bureaus credit card companies pull from

Know the minimum credit score needed for approval before you apply

How to get 3 - 5 credit cards with only ONE inquiry pull

Know which credit cards are best for business accounts and what minimum score is required.

"This Book Showed Me How To Play The Credit Card Game...And WIN. Let Me Give You A Sneak Peek"

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